I first had a natural high a few years back while snorkeling in a beautiful volcanic island in the Philippines. I fell irrevocably in love with traveling during that trip. Most of my travels involve nature. I love the great outdoors even when I don’t consider myself as an outdoorsy kind of girl. I can’t exactly climb the highest mountains or do some heart stopping cliff dives. But my best trips are always the nature trips. I love the mountains, the ocean and the wildlife. I love being still with nature, it forces me to be fully present, it forces me to see and appreciate things that I often take for granted.

When I’m not on a nature trip, I go on photo walks in the city. I love creating images, chasing light, capturing shapes, patterns and spaces. Photography is another passion that I discovered whilst traveling. Im in a constant pursuit to live a creative and minimal lifestyle.

While traveling the world will always be a part of my goal, it is not the end goal itself. Traveling has always been my main source of inspiration and it has been many things to me. It changed my life in so many ways. It forced me to care about issues that are bigger than me. It taught me how to see the goodness in everything. It changed the way I see things. It opened me to a whole different world that is full of possibilities.

I want to live a life that is full of adventure yet I also long to live a life where I own my time. To be still, to slow down, to unpack and appreciate the warmth and familiarity of belongingness, whenever I want to. To move, to discover new horizons, to learn new things, to taste different flavours, to experience the thrill of adventure, whenever I want to. I want to own my time to pursue things that matters to me, things that make me happy and yes, traveling is one of them, things that enrich my soul and fuel my zest for life.

Hopefully through this blog, we can inspire each other to keep chasing our dreams and the magical moments.

Always be inspired,

Getzhelle Hingco