9 Instagrammers That Will Make You Fall In Love With The World

9 Instagrammers That Will Make You Fall In Love With The World

Instagram is probably my favorite social media platform. It’s a huge source of inspiration for me. I swoon over beautiful photos but I’m really picky on who to follow in instagram. For me its a place for creativity and inspiration so Im really careful for it not to become like my facebook feed. I mostly just follow photographers or brands that post and curate amazing photos. I don’t even follow famous celebrities. There are many good photographers out there but there are only a certain few who can encapsulate some feels in a photo. Photos that can evoke so much nostalgia for places that you haven’t even been to yet, photos that will actually make you want to go out and explore the world, photos that will make you believe in desiderata’s line that “with all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.”  So, without further ado, here are the 9 instagrammers that you absolutely must follow.

1. Emilie Ristevski | @helloemilie

Based on the East Coast of Australia, this photographer never fail to blow me away with her works. If I can follow only one account in instagram, I would follow hers. The light, the colors and the feels of her photos are just so beautiful. She has a gift of capturing things in the most beautiful light. I can’t say enough good things about her photos. Just go check her feed, you will surely fall in love.




2. Tino Renato | @tinorenato

An Indonesia based photographer who captures things in a different perspective. I can still remember one of his post that featured Mt Bromo in Indonesia. Since then, I’ve literally been researching and planning my trip to see Mt Bromo myself. His photos are so surreal, I often fall into a daydreaming state whenever I look at his photos. This guy has some serious talent.



3. Kimi Juan | @kimijuan

Kimi Juan is a young Filipino travel photographer whom I’ve been cyber stalking a lot because she often features beautiful beaches and islands in the Philippines. Her photos will make you wish that you too live in a tropical country like ours. I don’t know how to describe it but her photos look so peaceful and calm. I keep imagining a life spent watching beautiful sunrises and sunsets at the beach whenever I look at her photos.



4. Elizabeth Kirby | @local_milk

A native Tennessean who is an advocate of slow living. I am seriously so obsessed with her. I am such a huge fan especially after reading what she had been through. Her life, her blog, her minimal fashion sense, her photography, her creativity, has inspired me in so many ways that I can never imagine. She’s a food and travel photographer who uses the natural light in the most beautiful ways. Her love for food and the way she promotes slow living will make you want to be a guest in her house. Lol! Her kitchen where she takes most photos, is such a dream. If you want to read more about her works, check her website here.



5. Jelito de Leon | @jelitodeleon

Jelito is another young Filipino photographer. He has this unique minimal style of capturing things that makes me want to practice on my own flat lays and still life photography. He often travels too and his photos are always so clean and perfectly composed. He has achieved so much at such a young age, his passion for photography is truly inspiring.



6. Rich Stapleton | @rvstapleton

He is based in London and he is a photographer creative director of Cereal Magazine. If you must know, Cereal Magazine is another obsession of mine. His photos are so good and well curated. I want to live inside of his photos. Go check his feed.



7. Lauren Bullen | @gypsea_lust

This Australian travel blogger/photographer features the most beautiful beaches around the world. If you are a beach junkie, then you definitely must follow her. Her photos will give you some serious ocean lust vibe, as her username suggests.



8. Ken Lum Lee | @seoul_stateofmind

He’s a British expat living in South Korea. He documents his travels mostly but not limited to South Korea. I love his photo composition and the way he edits his photos. He has a way of capturing spaces in an interesting perspective. He often features the building in Seoul called Dongdaemun Design Plaza and it got me really curious, so 2 months ago, I went there myself and true enough, it was really instagram worthy. Talk about instagrammers who can make you pack your bags and see the world for yourself.



9. Kyle Kuiper | @frominthesky

A photographer and a filmmaker from San Diego. As his username suggests this account will show you aerial clips and photos. Its fascinating to watch especially when he’s filming surfers on the beach. Check his feed, but please be warned, his videos are addicting to watch and it will never fail to mesmerize you.



10. Getzhelle Hingco | @imal0stdreamer

Yours truly. Im not yet as good as the ones that I’ve mentioned above. But while you’re at it, you can take a peek on my feed and follow only if you like. Im an amateur when it comes to travel photography but Im already so in love with it and Im bent on improving myself. Following me on instagram is following my journey.



*featured photo above is from hippieindisguise.com


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