First Impressions On South Korea

First Impressions On South Korea

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I went to South Korea with very low expectations. I’m not a KPop fan, I don’t watch Koreanovelas, I’m not a fan of their cosmetics or Korean fashion. I cant even remember studying their history. When a housemate asked me to take a photo of Lee Min Ho in case I see him (I did not see him), I didn’t even know who he was. I still don’t know who he is but I’m familiar with his face now. It was a battle between Japan, Myanmar, Australia and South Korea. Japan was too expensive in Spring, Myanmar’s weather is too hot and Australia is too far and would consume so much travel time, so I ended up in South Korea somehow and I’m glad that I did because this trip has been nothing but fascinating. My first impressions on South Korea are all good, it’s quite surprising actually how I fell in love with this city.

I remembered the night of our arrival in Seoul, I stepped out of the train station, and the 7 degrees cold air hit my face, I almost wanted to go back inside. I felt my fingers literally go numb, but then I saw the cherry blossom trees everywhere and I cant help but shriek for joy. I was too happy to be there in that moment. I don’t know if it’s just the cherry blossoms or maybe the cold weather and I know this would sound silly, but me and Seoul, it was love at first sight.

First Impressions on South Korea

We had our first meal at 1 am because we had a late night flight arrival. Good thing there are still a lot of restaurants open, even in the wee hours, since we stayed at a bustling area of Hongik University. We reluctantly entered a small pub near our guesthouse because we were already starving and tired. We didn’t really expect anything because judging from the other tables, it looks like the people are just there for drinks. We were in for a good surprise though, because when the food was served, it was well plated and the food was simply divine. It easily became our favorite restaurant and unfortunately for you, I forgot the name of the place. I know, I suck at being a travel blogger for not listing every little detail of my trip. I just couldn’t be bothered about documenting everything when I’m too caught up in the moment.

First Impressions on South Korea

Our gastronomic adventure didn’t stop there. In fact, one of the funniest encounter we had happened in a certain restaurant in Dongdaemun area. Again, I don’t have the name of the restaurant but I cannot forget the fits of laughter we had when the old auntie practically shoved a napa wrap full of beef and rice in my mouth. In her defense, she was just trying to demonstrate how to eat their food properly, Korean style.

First Impressions on South Korea

This city has completely charmed me. It’s modern yet traditional, urban yet cultured, metropolitan yet filled with beautiful trees and parks. But the best part about South Korea are the people and their attitude. It’s admirable how much Koreans love their country. It shows how much they respect their own history and traditions, how much they patronize their own products and brands, how much they promote their own food, and how much they support their own art and culture. Seoul may be a modern city but it’s not your usual Westernized city, everything there is distinctly Korean.

P.S. More photos are posted in the gallery section of this blog and I created a travel video for this trip too, you can watch it in the films section. Also, I might share our comprehensive 7N/8D DIY itinerary for this trip once I’ve gathered all the details that I need in order to help you out incase you want to go to South Korea too. So, stay tuned for that.



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