Gratitude Launch Giveaway

Gratitude Launch Giveaway

Today is a huge deal. When I bought my domain, I didn’t know what to do with it. I just started writing posts and slowly develop this website into what it is now. I didn’t realize how hard it is to start a serious blog. All the technical details made me want to pull my hair out. I have to write blog posts and at the same time learn and read about all the technical process, well at least the basics. I’m not an expert so it took me a really long time to finalize the pages, the lay out, the menus, the categories, the functionalities and all the other little details in this website. Seriously, I’ve had sleepless nights because of this but I will spare you all that nitty-gritty stuff. This domain has been live for quite some time now but it is only today that I am able to finally officially launch this website.

I have refused to blog my travels for so long because I wanted to be a ‘traveler’ not a ‘blogger’. I don’t want to be taking notes about every little detail of my trip so I can make a report on my blog after. I don’t want to go on vacations just to stay in my hotel room writing drafts instead of enjoying the scenery outside. I don’t want to be eating at a local restaurant while thinking of how I can blog my experience, instead of actually just enjoying my food. I don’t want to be creating all these expectations in my head about how my trip should be so I can write an interesting post out of it. It will take out the spontaneity and the authenticity to my experience and I don’t want that to happen.

But I have always been a storyteller, I have always kept journals since I was in grade school. Writing has become an outlet of my emotions and thoughts. So I did some thinking and I realized that I don’t have to be that kind of ‘blogger’ if I don’t want to. I don’t want to write just because I have a stupid obligation to update a blog. I want to write because I was inspired and I want to inspire in return. I want to write because I feel the raw need to share an experience and I have stories that are bursting out of me. I want to tell travel stories and capture travel photos that will inspire you to chase your dreams and explore the world. So, I’m inviting you to join me. Let’s inspire each other, let’s bleed for our dreams and let’s keep our passion burning.

To kick off this journey, I want to start with gratitude. If you’re new to this website and have decided to stay for a day or a decade, I want to thank you for that. If you’re one of my few readers right from the start while I was still developing this blog, you have my endless gratitude for sticking around. To my online group at blog clarity bootcamp, you my friends have been a tremendous source of inspiration and positive energy and I will forever be grateful to all of you. To those who have always believed in me and who have always pushed me not to limit myself into ‘it’s the only thing that I know’ list, I don’t know how to even thank you, you guys are my rock. I can only hope that this passion project of mine will continue to grow.

launch giveawayAnd because my heart is full with so much gratitude, I’m having a little ‘Gratitude Launch Giveaway’. I actually wanted these books (Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer and The Beach by Alex Garland) for myself because I’ve only seen the movies, I haven’t read the books yet. But because I want to share my passion and wanderlust with you,  I want to buy these books for you instead. Hopefully these stories will inspire you to go out and see the world. It can be shipped worldwide at no cost so everyone can join. Just follow the 3 steps below.

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  2.  Tag 2 of your friends in the comment section of our Facebook post titled ‘Gratitude Launch Giveaway’ OR on our Instagram post titled ‘Gratitude Launch Giveaway’. Either one will do.
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 Only one winner will be selected through randompicker. Everyone can join this giveaway from September 12-19, 2015.  Winner will be announced on our facebook page on September 20, 2015. This is a self hosted giveaway. Have fun and always be inspired!
This promotion is closed. Congratulations to Rex for snagging these two books. Winner has been selected through randompicker. Thank you to everyone who joined and to the kind souls who shared this post. I might do another giveaway in the future. Subscribe to our mailing list to get the updates first.


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