Handwritten Words

Handwritten Words

When was the last time you gave a handwritten note to someone? Or the last time you wrote in your journal? You probably can’t remember. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We live in a technology obsessed world and hand writing is clearly a dying platform. I have always been an advocate of handwritten words. I don’t exactly do it everyday but I still do it.

I love technology, I mean who doesn’t? It’s convenient, it saves trees and it connects you to people on the other side of the world in just one click. But I have an old soul, I love real conversations outside of my chat box or inbox. I love real laughter and not some emoji icons. I love celebrating real friendships and not some facebook memory that tells me that we’ve been friends for 5 years. I love real books and real paper pages that I can thumb not some ebook that I can’t read when my battery is dead. Oh, and I love the smell of books! Is that weird? I also love heartfelt handwritten letters. There’s something so beautiful and heartwarming about them. Maybe it’s just me romanticizing the idea, but I feel valued when someone gives me a handwritten letter.

Handwritten Words

I recently started learning the aesthetics of hand written words, mainly because I wanted to write beautiful travel quotes. I find my calligraphy sessions therapeutic. I find it relaxing to do something that doesn’t involve any electronic device. It’s all just papers and ink. It temporarily takes my mind off from my daily worries and stress because I have to give my full attention to what I do. I have to watch the pressure I put on my pen, I have to observe how the ink flows on the tines during my down strokes and my up strokes, how the letters are formed and how the curves are made with my strokes. I sometimes cannot even tell that I’ve been sitting for hours, perfecting each letter.

I bought a starter kit which I regretted because I could have bought better quality materials separately at a cheaper price. If you ever want to start learning calligraphy, all you really need is a Nikko G nib (suggested for beginners); a straight pen holder; a high quality paper; China, India or Sumi Ink, whatever is available from your local bookstore or you can also use watercolor. You can explore other nibs, ink and oblique pen holder once you already know the basics. I found a really helpful blog with lots of tutorials, I shared the link at the bottom of this post if you’re interested.

Handwritten Words

Every morning, I always try to practice on my worksheets and write one quote as an output. Recently, I have been obsessing with watercolors and maps too. I then hang it on my window so I can see my progress. I was supposed to do this everyday, but to be honest, I’ve had too much on my plate lately. I’ve been dealing with so much stress from work so I haven’t exactly been too consistent with doing it everyday. Hopefully, things will change this month and I can focus more on my projects.

Handwritten Words

I always pour all my heart and soul to my passion projects because it’s the only thing that makes me happy right now. I rarely have time to go out and enjoy the city life because my rest days are always spent working on my projects or recuperating from a stressful week at work. There’s too many things that I want to learn all at once, it sometimes overwhelm me. But as long as I enjoy what I’m doing, then everything is worth my effort.

I have fallen so completely in love with traveling that I want to express my passion in some other forms even when I’m not on the road. Aside from blogging and studying photography, I find that writing beautiful travel quotes is a great way to keep my passion burning. I love the creative process that goes into it. It’s very rewarding and it makes me happy when I look at my output, even when it’s still very amateurish. I’m not into hand lettering and combining fonts yet as I am still focusing on my strokes, but I will get there someday. Handwritten Words

In case you want to learn calligraphy too, you can check this post for a helpful and comprehensive guide to modern calligraphy. It’s from Lindsey of The Postman’s Knock, take time to explore her blog, you will learn tons. Have fun and always be inspired!


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