Using Google Flights

Using Google Flights

Hey dear friends, have you tried using google flights yet? I think it’s the best tool for travelers in the web right now. I’m so happy I found out about it. I usually spend my idle times searching for flights even when I’m not going anywhere. Keeping an eye for cheap flights have sort of become a daily habit for me. Yes, I check airline websites almost everyday. Ergo, discovering google flights is like finding a pot of gold. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little, but seriously I can hardly contain my wanderlust after browsing through google flights and here’s why:

One of the best features of google flights for me is showing you the world map with the cheapest flights to every city based on your selected dates. Unlike other tools like skyscanner for example, it will not just show you the cheapest flights from and to your destination. It will also show you the world map with the cheapest flights from your city of origin going to all other cities in the world.

Let’s say I’m searching for flights from Singapore to Italy. Now as you know, there are many airports and cities in Italy. Google flights showed me the cheapest flights going to Milan, Rome, Venice, Bologna etc. As shown in my results, based on my dates, the cheapest way is going through Milan.

using google flights

If I click on the map at the upper left, it will expand to a full page world map and if I click on the red dot of my destination city, it will show me a fare calendar on the left, allowing me to compare prices for the entire month (shown in the photo below). In this case, it looks like I’ll get a cheaper flight if I change my dates to October 6-20 instead of my original selected dates above. But this is not the best part yet.

using google flights

Google flights also showed me not just the cheapest flights to Italy but also to all other cities in the world. So, if Im just looking around for destinations in Europe with cheap flights, I can also look into other cities such as Paris, Munich or Frankfurt which has around the same price as my flight to Milan. Ahh, Dont you just love google? I can almost hear Dr. Seuss telling me “Oh, the places you’ll go!”

using google flights

After selecting your desired inbound and outbound flights, google will give you the option to either book or save the itinerary. If you select book, it will redirect you to the airline’s website or give you the airline’s number to call to book the flight. If you select “save this itinerary”, google will watch the price of this specific flight for you and will email you once the price drops. Are you impressed yet?using google flights

For the sake of checking the accuracy of this google flights search, I went as far as going to the airlines website and I did a mock booking for the same dates and destinations. Guess what, it even gave me a lower price than what google showed me. Of course flight prices may change real time, even in a matter of seconds, still it’s roughly around the same price and it’s even lower.

using google search


If you have other things to consider aside from the price, you can also sort the flight results by stops, airline, times and flight duration. You can also change the currency of the displayed flight prices to your local currency so you won’t have to keep converting and just enjoy searching. I didn’t mean for that to rhyme. 🙂

using google flights

Have I convinced you yet, that this is the best tool ever? Click here and try it for your self! “Oh, the places you’ll go!” 😉


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