Traveling With X100s

Traveling With X100s

“Is that analogue?” asked by a good looking guy that I just met while pointing at my camera. We were on our way to Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, Malaysia. He was a solo backpacker from Manila, he decided to tag along with us since we were all going in the same direction. I love traveling with x100s because it has always been a conversation starter especially to those who can appreciate vintage cameras.

My camera is actually digital. I have so much respect for film photography but I can’t afford it. It is something that I wish to be doing up to now except that I don’t have an SLR and shooting on film is expensive. I actually started with film. The first camera I own was a toy camera Holga, bought it in 2012, in the age of digital cameras. It was fun, but I wasted so much rolls of films, I cannot afford to continue that hobby.

So I decided to finally invest on a proper camera. I spent almost one month reading reviews online and asking my photographer friends. I wanted a compact mirrorless camera because I will be carrying it with me on my travels. Some people may have the patience of lugging a heavy DSLR with all its lens and accessories but I don’t. Packing light is already one of the biggest challenges for me when I travel. I cannot for the life of me, add another heavy equipment on my already overweight luggage. After giving it so much thought, I decided to get Fujifilm’s X100s. I don’t usually get attached to material things but I’m putting an exception for my camera. I had it for over two years now and I’m still so in love with it.

Traveling with X100s

It has a fixed 23mm focal length which is perfect for landscape and street photography. I am not a professional photographer yet and I still have a lot to learn but this camera has forced me pay close attention to my composition whenever I take a photo. I cannot zoom in and out so I really have to get close or walk some distance from my subject. It also has a really good film simulation feature where you can choose film effects like Astia, Provia, Velvia etc. and a wide F2 aperture which gives me enough bokeh if I do some close up shots. I also love how unassuming it looks compared to DSLR’s but can deliver the same if not higher quality photos. It can produce super sharp images and the colors are so accurate even on jpeg settings. I love how compact it is plus the vintage look of this camera is a total steal. A lot of people actually thought it’s a Leica which flatters me, really but I can’t actually afford one. =)

Even when I’m not traveling, I usually bring my camera with me once in awhile to go for a photo walk in the city. I think this habit is the reason why I fell in love with photography. It has forced me out of my daily routine. It made me see beauty in the ordinary. It allowed me to see shapes and patterns that I just normally ignore. It made me appreciate the sunlight and the shadows. Capturing light, spaces and life makes me happy.

If you want a comprehensive review of the camera, head over to Eric Kim’s blog. I was able to personally attend one of his talks about street photography when he was in Singapore last year. He’s an amazing photographer and traveler.

What’s the best travel camera for you?

 *This is not a paid post. This all me and my love for Fujifilm’s X100s.


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